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***ANNOUNCEMENT By Bass Player - Lindsay Coulson***



As many of you are aware King King have signed to Siren Artist Management Inc in the States.

This is a massive step up for King King and a fantastic opportunity for all involved.


Sadly at this stage I feel I am unable to commit to the next exciting chapter in King King's success. The band are moving to another level that will require extensive global touring as well as intensive studio time plus all the press and promotional commitments that go hand in hand with major record labels. After 10 years at the helm of King King it is for personal reasons (not least of which is family) that I must stand aside and allow the boys to seize this opportunity with both hands.


My last live dates with the band will be the upcoming UK Tour starting on 31st January, with my last show being Glasgow where we will introduce you to the band's brilliant new bass player. I'd love to Hi and Bye to as many of you as possible so I hope you can make one of the dates.


I would like to thank my King King band of brothers past and present, along with everyone who has supported our efforts over the years ......particularly in those early years when we couldn't get arrested! A massive shout out to Alan Robinson at Manhaton Records, all our partner agents in territories all over the world, every promoter that took a chance on us and a special thank you to all the fans who have shown us so much love and support through the years.

When I proposed the idea of King King to Alan Nimmo ten years ago I'd come from a business background and I knew Alan had the raw talent. I also knew that if we worked really hard we could achieve big that stage I never realised just how big it could get. So the most important thanks must go to Alan .........

thanks for saying yes all those years ago!! X

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